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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At least 2 tonnes of cocaine worth around US$1 billion bound for Europe is seized in The Gambia. //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/10268510.stm (BBC)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Four men, including Real Irish Republican Army members Michael McKevitt and Colm Murphy, are declared responsible for the bombing of Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in 1998. //in.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idINIndia-40164020090608 (Reuters) //www.rte.ie/news/2009/0608/omagh.html (RTÉ)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

At least 7 people are killed and 10 injured in a stabbing spree in Tokyo, Japan, coinciding on the 7th anniversary of the Osaka school massacre. //www.rte.ie/news/2008/0608/tokyo.html (RTÉ) //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7442327.stm (BBC News)
In the Akihabara area of Tokyo, Japan, a 25-year-old man stabs seven to death and wounds 10, before being arrested.

Sunday, June 8, 2003

The presence of the monkeypox virus in the United States is confirmed with four cases in Wisconsin, sparking the first discovery of the virus in the Western Hemisphere. Dozens of suspected cases have appeared across three Midwest states, where pet enthusiasts came into contact with infected domestic prairie dogs, which caught the disease from the Gambian giant rat.

Saturday, June 8, 2002

An annular solar eclipse occurs.
The first direct electronic communication experiment between the nervous systems of 2 humans, is carried out by Kevin Warwick in the United Kingdom.
Serena Williams defeats her sister Venus Williams in straight sets to win the 2002 French Open.
Lennox Lewis knocks out Mike Tyson in an IBF and WBC chionship boxing match in Memphis.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

The government of Colombia announces it will include the estimated value of the country's illegal drug crops, exceeding half a billion US dollars, in its gross national product.

Sunday, June 8, 1997

A United States Coast Guard helicopter crashes near Humboldt Bay, California all 4 crewmembers perish.

Tuesday, June 8, 1993

The PKK-declared ceasefire ends in Iraq.

Monday, June 8, 1992

A federal grand jury indicts Caspar Weinberger for his role in covering up the Iran–Contra affair.
The first World Ocean Day is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
A 'Joint Understanding' agreement on arms reduction is signed by U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin (this is later codified in START II).

Monday, June 8, 1987

The New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act is passed, the first of its kind in the world.

Sunday, June 8, 1986

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim is elected president of Austria.

Friday, June 8, 1984

A deadly F5 tornado nearly destroys the town of Barneveld, Wisconsin, killing 9 people, injuring nearly 200, and causing over $25,000,000 in damage.

Thursday, June 8, 1972

Seven men and 3 women hijack a plane from Czechoslovakia to West Germany.

Monday, June 8, 1970

A coup in Argentina brings a new junta of service chiefs on June 18, Roberto M. Levingston becomes President.

Sunday, June 8, 1969

U.S. President Richard Nixon and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu meet at Midway Island. Nixon announces that 25,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn by September.

Saturday, June 8, 1968

James Earl Ray is arrested for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, June 8, 1967

Israel and Syria agree to a United Nations-mediated cease-fire.
Margrethe, heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, marries French count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat.
The Soviet Union severs diplomatic relations with Israel.
Six-Day WarUSS Liberty incident: Israeli fighter jets and Israeli warships fire at the USS "Liberty" off Gaza, killing 34 and wounding 171.

Monday, June 8, 1959

The USS \'\'Barbero\'\' and United States Postal Service attempt the delivery of mail via Missile Mail.

Sunday, June 8, 1958

The is launched she will be the largest Lake freighter for more than a dozen years.

Friday, June 8, 1956

General Electric/Telechron introduces model 7H241 The Snooz Alarm, first snooze alarm clock ever.//www.telechron.net/eod/7h241.htm Telechron.net

Thursday, June 8, 1950

Sir Thomas Blamey becomes the only Field Marshal in Australian history.

Saturday, June 8, 1946

In Indonesia, Sukarno incites his supporters to fight Dutch colonial occupation.

Tuesday, June 8, 1943

WWII: Japanese battleship Mutsu was destroyed by an accidental magazine explosion in Hashirajima anchorage, killing 1,121.

Monday, June 8, 1942

WWII: Attack on Sydney Harbour: The Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle are shelled by Japanese submarines. The eastern suburbs of both cities are damaged and the east coast is blacked out.

Sunday, June 8, 1941

WWII: British and Free French forces invade Syria.

Saturday, June 8, 1929

Ramsay MacDonald founds a new Labour government.

Friday, June 8, 1928

By seizing Beijing and renaming it Běipíng, the NRA puts an end to the Fengtianwarlords' Běiyáng government there.

Sunday, June 8, 1924

George Mallory and Andrew Irvine are last seen going strong for the top of Mount Everest by teammate Noel Odell at 12:50 P.M. The two mountaineers are never seen alive again.

Friday, June 8, 1917

A fire at the Speculator and Granite Mountain ore mine outside Butte, Montana kills at least 168 workers.

Sunday, June 8, 1913

The Deutsches Stadion in Berlin is dedicated with the release of 10,000 pigeons, in front of an audience of 60,000 people. It has been constructed especially for the 1916 Summer Olympics, which are cancelled as a result of World War I.

Saturday, June 8, 1912

Saturday, June 8, 1889

"The Wall Street Journal" is established.

Wednesday, June 8, 1887

Herman Hollerith receives a patent for his punched cardcalculator.

Saturday, June 8, 1867

Friday, June 8, 1866

The Canadian Parliament meets for the first time in Ottawa.

Sunday, June 8, 1862

American Civil War ndash Battle of Cross Keys: Confederate troops under General Stonewall Jackson save the Army of Northern Virginia from a U.S. Army attack on the James Peninsula that was led by General George McClellan.

Wednesday, June 8, 1859

The discovery of the Comstock Lode in the western Utah Territory setting off the Rush to Washoe

Monday, June 8, 1835

Tuesday, June 8, 1802

June ndash Gia Long is crowned as first Emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty in Vietnam.
Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L'Ouverture is seized by French troops and is imprisoned at the Fort de Joux.
Haitian revolutionaryToussaint L\'Ouverture is seized by French troops and is imprisoned at the Fort de Joux.

Monday, June 8, 1795

The Dauphin, would-be-Louis XVII, dies. Louis XVIII becomes titular king of France (he becomes the actual king on April 6, 1814).

Sunday, June 8, 1783

The volcanoLaki, in Iceland, begins an 8-month eruption which kills tens of thousands throughout Europe, including up to 33% of Iceland's population, and causes widespread famine. It has been described as one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in European History.

Saturday, June 8, 1776

American Revolution: Battle of Trois-Rivières: American invaders are driven back at Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Friday, June 8, 1736

Leonhard Euler writes to James Stirling describing the Euler–Maclaurin formula, providing a connection between integrals and calculus.

Sunday, June 8, 1710

The Tuscarora nation sends a petition to the Province of Pennsylvania, protesting the seizure of their lands and enslavement of their people by citizens of the Province of Carolina.

Sunday, June 8, 1692

During a famine in Mexico City, an angry mob torches the Viceroy's palace and ignites the archives: most of the documents and some paintings are saved by royal geographerCarlos de Sigüenza y Góngora.

Thursday, June 8, 1690

Siddi general Yadi Sakat razes the Mazagon Fort in Mumbai.

Saturday, June 8, 1675

John Sassamon's alleged murderers are executed at Plymouth.

Friday, June 8, 1663

Battle of Ameixial: The Portuguese and some English auxiliaries defeat the Spanish.

Tuesday, June 8, 1610

Jamestown: Temporary Governor Gates' convoy meets the ships of Governor Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr (Delaware) at Mulberry Island.

Friday, June 8, 1607

Newton rebellion: The Tresham landowners family kills 40–50 peasants during protests against the enclosure of common land in Newton, Northtonshire, UK, at the culmination of the Midland Revolt.

Sunday, May 29, 1524 (Julianian calendar)

Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado leads the Battle of Acajutla, defeating a battalion of Pipiles, in the neighborhoods of present day Acajutla, El Salvador
Summer ndash Paracelsus visits Salzburg. He also visits Villach during the year.

Saturday, May 30, 1405 (Julianian calendar)

Archbishop Richard le Scrope of York and Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk, were executed in York on Henry IV's orders.

Saturday, May 31, 1376 (Julianian calendar)

Edward, the Black Prince dies, becoming the first English Prince of Wales to not rule as king.

Sunday, June 1, 1287 (Julianian calendar)

Rhys ap Maredudd revolts in Wales the revolt will not be suppressed until 1288.

Wednesday, June 2, 1042 (Julianian calendar)

Tuesday, June 3, 900 (Julianian calendar)

Edward the Elder is crowned king of England at Kingston-upon-Thames.N. J. Higham, David Hill //books.google.fr/books?id=OBb4DrSm4NwCpg=PA48 "Edward the Elder, 899-924" Routledge, 2001 ISBN 978-0-415-21497-1

Tuesday, June 4, 793 (Julianian calendar)

The Frisian–Frankish wars came to an end with the last uprising of the Frisians in 793.
A jihad under Hisham I takes place.
Vikings sack the monastery of Lindisfarne, Northumbria, their first major viking attack in England.

Monday, June 8, 218

Battle of Antioch: Elagabalus defeats with support of the Syrian legions the forces of Macrinus. Macrinus flees, but is captured near Chalcedon and later executed in Cappadocia.
Diadumenianus, son of Macrinus, escapes to the Parthian court, but is captured at Zeugma and also put to death.
The silver content of the Roman denarius falls to 43 percent under emperor Elagabalus, down from 50 percent under Septimius Severus, as he empties the treasury with his excesses while his grandmother, Julia Maesa, rules the Empire.

Friday, June 10, 68 (Julianian calendar)

The Roman Senate accepts emperor Galba.
Source: Wikipedia