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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The world's first artificialorgan transplant is achieved, using an artificialwindpipe coated with stem cells.
2011 Syrian uprising: Over a thousand people flee Hama in fear of a government attack by the Syrian Army. //english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2011/07/20117711451884870.html (Al Jazeera)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A public memorial service is held for musician Michael Jackson. It is regarded as one of the most prominent funerals of all time.ref name=Allen
A public memorial for Michael Jackson takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, with over 17,000 viewing in Los Angeles, and millions more viewing around the world. //www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hpdG-9Nrnuo6d1O6Cpdzth69oJ_QD999MCVG0 (AP via Google News)

Monday, July 7, 2008

A suicide car bomber strikes outside the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, with at least 41 people killed. //in.reuters.com/article/companyNews/idINISL16402520080707 (Reuters) //news.theage.com.au/world/28-killed-in-suicide-attack-at-indias-afghanistan-embassy-20080707-3331.html (AFP via "The Melbourne Age") //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7492601.stm (BBC News)
A suicide-bomber drives an explosives-laden automobile into the front gates of the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 58 and injuring over 150.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth Concerts are held throughout 9 major cities around the world.
Live Earth gets underway with concerts in Australia, the United States, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan and China. //www.smh.com.au/news/music/global-extravaganza-underway/2007/07/07/1183351498368.html?s_cid=rss_smh (Sydney Morning Herald)

Friday, July 7, 2006

The board of General Motors authorises Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner to explore an alliance with Nissan and Renault. //e.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087sid=awiUo51GOGwY (Bloomberg)
The FBI announces that a plot to bomb the Holland Tunnel and flood Lower Manhattan with water has been foiled. //www.nydailynews.com/front/story/433227p-364959c.html ("Daily News")

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Four terror attacks (3 on the London Underground and 1 on a bus) rock the transport network in London, killing 52 (not including the 4 bombers) and injuring over 700.

Monday, July 7, 2003

A rare political drama happens in Hong Kong. Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa is forced to postpone the legislation of Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23, just few hours after he insists the second reading will go on schedule despite the giant protest on July 1.
United States Central Command chief Gen. Tommy Franks retires after 36 years in uniform. Newcomer Army Gen. John Abizaid is appointed as his replacement. //www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,91252,00.html

Saturday, July 7, 2001

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the Pepsi 400 in the first NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race at the Daytona International Speedway since the death of Dale Earnhardt. Teammate Michael Waltrip ran second, blocking for Jr., an exact mirror of the Daytona 500 where Jr. blocked for Waltrip en route to his first '500 win.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

In Rome, Hicham El Guerrouj runs the fastest mile ever recorded, at 3:43.13.

Monday, July 7, 1997

Miguel Ángel Blanco is kidnapped in Ermua, Spain and murdered by the ETA.
NATO invites the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland to join the alliance in 1999.
The Great Flood begins in southern Poland.
In London, scientists report their DNA analysis findings from a Neanderthal skeleton, which support the out of Africa theory of human evolution, placing an African Eve at 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.
Mayo Clinic researchers warn that the dieting drug fen-phen can cause severe heart and lung damage.

Thursday, July 7, 1994

1994 civil war in Yemen: Aden is occupied by troops from North Yemen.

Wednesday, July 7, 1993

July 9 ndash The 19th G7 summit is held in Tokyo, Japan.
Hurricane Calvin lands in Mexico. It is the second Pacific hurricane on record to land in Mexico in July, and kills 34.

Sunday, July 7, 1991

Nigeria Airways Flight 2120, a Douglas DC-8 operated by Canadian airline Nolisair, catches fire and crashes in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing all 261 people on board.
A solar Eclipse of record totality occurs, seen first in Hawaii then enters Mexico with the path directly crosses Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City seen by 20 million inhabitants, and finally ends in Colombia in South America.
Iran–Contra affair: Alan Fiers agrees to plead guilty to two charges of having lied to the U.S. Congress.
The Brioni Agreement ends the Ten-Day War in Slovenia.
President Bush announces the U.S. is ending its sanctions on South Africa.
Boris Yeltsin begins his 5-year term as the first elected president of Russia.
In response to the end of apartheid, the International Olympic Committee readmits South Africa to the Olympics.

Monday, July 7, 1986

Australian drug smugglers Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers are executed in Malaysia.

Tuesday, July 7, 1981

President Ronald Reagan nominates the first woman, Sandra Day O'Connor, to the Supreme Court of the United States.
President Ronald Reagan nominates the first woman, Sandra Day O'Connor, to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Friday, July 7, 1978

The Solomon Islands become independent from the United Kingdom.

Sunday, July 7, 1974

Monday, July 7, 1969

French is made equal to English throughout the Canadian national government.

Thursday, July 7, 1966

A Warsaw Pact conference ends with a promise to support North Vietnam.

Sunday, July 7, 1963

Double Seven Day scuffle: Secret police loyal to Ngo Dinh Nhu, brother of President Ngo Dinh Diem, attack American journalists including Peter Arnett and David Halberstam at a demonstration during the Buddhist crisis.

Tuesday, July 7, 1959

At 14:28 UT Venusoccults the star Regulus. The rare event (which will next occur on October 1, 2044) is used to determine the diameter of Venus and the structure of Venus' atmosphere.

Thursday, July 7, 1955

Monday, July 7, 1947

A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident, near Roswell, New Mexico, which was written about by Stanton T. Friedman.

Saturday, July 7, 1928

The first machine-sliced and machine-wrapped loaf of bread is sold in Chillicothe, Missouri, using Otto Frederick Rohwedder's technology.

Monday, July 7, 1919

The U.S. Army sends a convoy across the continental U.S., starting in Washington, D.C., to assess the possibility of crossing North America by road. This crossing took many months to complete, because the building of the U.S. Highway System had not even commenced.

Wednesday, July 7, 1915

An extremely overloaded International Railway (New York – Ontario)trolley with 157 passengers crashes near Queenston, Ontario, resulting in 15 casualties.

Tuesday, July 7, 1914

The Emperor of Austria-Hungary receives the report of Austro-Hungarian investigation into the Sarajevo crime. The Times publishes an account of the Austro-Hungarian press caign against the Serbians (who are described as pestilent rats).
Austria-Hungary convenes a Council of Ministers, including Ministers for Foreign Affairs and War, the Chief of the General Staff and Naval Commander-in-Chief the Council lasts from 11.30 a.m. to 6.15 p.m.
The House of Lords completes the recasting of the Amendment Bill.

Tuesday, July 7, 1903

The British take over the Fulani Empire.

Thursday, July 7, 1898

The United States annexes the Hawaiian Islands.

Friday, July 7, 1865

Following Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 14, the four conspirators condemned to death during the trial are hanged, including David Herold, George Atzerodt, Lewis Payne and Mary Surratt. Her son, John Surratt, escapes execution by fleeing to Canada, and ultimately to Egypt.

Tuesday, July 7, 1846

Acting on instructions from Washington, DC, CommodoreJohn Drake Sloat orders his troops to occupy Monterey and Yerba Buena thus beginning the United States annexation of California.

Monday, July 7, 1845

Jules Perrot presents Pas de Quatre to an enthusiastic London audience.

Tuesday, July 7, 1807

July 9 ndash The Peace of Tilsit is signed between France, Prussia and Russia. Napoleon and Russian Emperor Alexander I ally together against the British. The Prussians are forced to cede more than half their territory, which is formed into the Duchy of Warsaw in their former Polish lands and the Kingdom of Westphalia in western Germany.

Tuesday, July 7, 1801

Toussaint Louverture promulgates a reforming constitution for Santo Domingo, declaring himself emperor for life of the entire island of Hispaniola and nominally abolishing slavery.

Sunday, July 7, 1799

Ranjit Singh's men take their positions outside Lahore.

Saturday, July 7, 1798

Quasi-War: The United States Congress rescinds treaties with France, sparking the war.

Thursday, July 7, 1763

The British East India Company declare Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal, to be deposed.ref name=Cassell's Chronology

Saturday, July 7, 1753

Royal assent to the Jewish Naturalization Act: The British Parliament extends citizenship to Jews

Saturday, July 7, 1742

War of Jenkins\\' Ear: British troops repel those of Spain (under Montiano) in the Battle of Bloody Marsh in the Province of Georgia.
War of Jenkins' Ear: British troops repel those of Spain (under Montiano) in the Battle of Bloody Marsh in the Province of Georgia.

Tuesday, July 7, 1665

King Charles II of England leaves London with his entourage, fleeing the Great Plague. He moves his court to Salisbury, then Exeter.

Sunday, July 7, 1585

The Treaty of Nemours forces King Henry III of France to capitulate to the demands of the Catholic League, triggering the Eighth War of Religion (also known as the War of the Three Henrys) to begin in France.

Monday, June 27, 1575 (Julianian calendar)

Raid of the Redeswire: Sir John Carmichael defeats Sir John Forster. Last battle between England and Scotland.

Wednesday, June 27, 1548 (Julianian calendar)

A marriage treaty is signed between Scotland and France, whereby 5-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots, is betrothed to the future King Francis II of France.

Sunday, June 27, 1540 (Julianian calendar)

Coronado captures Hawikuh, then known as part of Cíbola, but fails to find the legendary gold.

Saturday, June 27, 1534 (Julianian calendar)

The first known exchange occurs between Europeans and natives of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in New Brunswick.

Monday, June 28, 1456 (Julianian calendar)

A retrial acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death.

Saturday, June 28, 1438 (Julianian calendar)

Charles VII of France issues the "Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges", giving the French church control over the appointment of bishops and depriving the Pope of French ecclesiastical revenues.

Friday, June 28, 1426 (Julianian calendar)

Eunuch-dominated secret police start to control the palace guards and imperial workshops, infiltrate the civil service and head all foreign missions in China.
The Battle of Chirokitia is fought.
"Castello Orsini-Odescalchi" is built in Bracciano, Italy by the Orsini family.

Monday, June 29, 1383 (Julianian calendar)

Otto, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen, the widower of Joan I of Naples, becomes ruler of Taranto (now eastern Italy).
Charles III of Naples becomes ruler of Achaea (now southern Greece).
The childless James of Baux, ruler of Taranto and Achaea and titular Latin Emperor, dies. As a result:
Duke Louis I of Anjou inherits the claim to the Latin Empire (now western Turkey) but never uses the title of Emperor.

Wednesday, June 29, 1345 (Julianian calendar)

September – Holland, Hainaut and Zeeland are inherited by Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor and remain part of the imperial crown domain until 1347.
Battle of Peritheorion: the forces of Momchil, autonomous ruler of the Rhodope, are defeated by the Turkish allies of John VI Kantakouzenos.ref name=Nicephorus Gregoras p.729Nicephorus Gregoras. Byzantina historia. 2, p.729

Tuesday, June 29, 1333 (Julianian calendar)

The reign of Emperor Kogon of Japan, first of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders, ends.

Monday, June 30, 1124 (Julianian calendar)

Tyre falls to the Crusaders.
Source: Wikipedia