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Friday, November 5, 2010

An Aero Caribbean passenger plane crashes in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus, killing all 68 on board. //www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-11700265 (BBC) //edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/americas/11/04/cuba.plane.crash/index.html?eref=edition (CNN)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An international team of scientists announces that the genome of the domestic horse has been successfully sequenced. //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8345578.stm (BBC) //www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2009/11/05/tech-biology-horse-genome.html (CBC) //www.thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=Scientists+decode+horse+genetic+blueprintNewsID=44847 ("The Himalayan Times")

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announces that his country will place short-range conventional warhead missiles in Kaliningrad in order to counter United States missile defense facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic, however, he expressed hope that Russia–United States relations would be mended with the presidency of Barack Obama. //www.cbc.ca/world/story/2008/11/05/medvedev-speech.html (CBC)
In his State of the Nation address, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announces a proposal to extend the presidential term from four years to six. //www.nytimes.com/2008/11/07/world/europe/07putin.html? ("The New York Times")

Monday, November 5, 2007

2007 Pakistani state of emergency:

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Former President of IraqSaddam Hussein is sentenced to death by hanging by the Iraqi Special Tribunal.ref name=ap burial

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, confesses to murdering 48 women.
In Portland, Oregon, a local election to establish a PUD that would investigate public ownership of Portland General Electric failed when 69% of the voters voted against the measure. Both Portland General Electric, an Enron subsidiary, and PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Scottish Power contributed to fight the measure. //www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/front_page/1068037163276520.xml
In Seattle, Washington, Gary Ridgway confesses to the murder of 48 women, who were the victims of the Green River Killer. In return, he will not be subject to capital punishment, but serve life imprisonment for his crimes. //www.seattlepi.com/local/146967_greenriver05.html
Arizona officials believe two rival immigrant smuggling rings are responsible for a shootout in Arizona that killed four people, and wounded several others. //www.feedroom.com/
An article in the November issue of J. Climate argues that global warming will bring more snow to the Eastern Great Lakes region. //story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=storycid=570ncid=753e=1u=/nm/20031104/sc_nm/environment_warming_dc

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Election Day: In the 2002 midterm elections, Republicans receive a net gain of two seats of the closely divided U.S. Senate, retaking control of the body. The Republicans also retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, with a net gain of eight House seats. Democrats make some gains in the state governors' races, with a net gain of three governorships.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dissolves the Knesset and calls for elections early the next year.

Friday, November 5, 1993

The Parliament of the United Kingdom passes the Railways Act, setting out the procedures for privatisation of British Rail.

Monday, November 5, 1990

Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel.

Tuesday, November 5, 1985

Mark Kaylor defeats Errol Christie to become the middleweight boxing chion, after the two brawl in front of the cameras at the weigh-in.

Saturday, November 5, 1983

Byford Dolphin rig diving bell accident: Off the coast of Norway, 5 divers are killed and one severely wounded in an explosive decompression accident.

Monday, November 5, 1979

The radio news program "Morning Edition" premieres on National Public Radio.

Sunday, November 5, 1978

California voters defeat the Briggs Initiative that would have prohibited gay school teachers.
Rioters sack the British Embassy in Tehran.
Indira Gandhi is re-elected to the Indian parliament.

Sunday, November 5, 1972

A group of Amerindians occupies the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Thursday, November 5, 1970

Vietnam War: The Supreme Court of the United States votes 6–3 not to hear a case by the state of Massachusetts, about the constitutionality of a state law granting Massachusetts residents the right to refuse military service in an undeclared war.
Vietnam War: The United States Military Assistance Command in Vietnam reports the lowest weekly American soldier death toll in 5 years (24 soldiers die that week, which is the fifth consecutive week the death toll is below 50 431 are reported wounded that week, however).
Tom Dempsey, who was born with a deformed right foot and right hand, set a National Football League record by kicking a 63-yard field goal to lift the New Orleans Saints to a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions at Tulane Stadium.
Egypt, Libya and Sudan announce their intentions to form a federation.
The Soviet Union launches "Luna 17".

Saturday, November 5, 1966

Thirty-eight African states demand that the United Kingdom use force against the Rhodesian government.

Friday, November 5, 1965

Martial law is announced in Rhodesia. The UN General Assembly accepts British intent to use force against Rhodesia if necessary by a vote of 82–9.

Thursday, November 5, 1964

Mariner program: Mariner 3, a U.S. space probe intended for Mars, is launched from Cape Kennedy but fails.

Saturday, November 5, 1955

Racial segregation is outlawed on trains and buses in Interstate Commerce in the United States.

Friday, November 5, 1954

Japan and Burma sign a separate peace treaty in Rangoon, to end their formal state of war.

Thursday, November 5, 1953

David Ben-Gurion resigns as prime minister of Israel.

Tuesday, November 5, 1946

A truce is declared between Indonesian nationalist troops and the Dutch army in Indonesia.
In Chicago, a branch of the "Exchange National Bank" (now part of the LaSalle Bank) opens the first 10 drive-up teller windows.
At least 1,400 people are killed in an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale, in the Ancash Region and Quiches District in Peru.
Senate and House elections in the United States both give majorities to the Republicans.
The Slimbridge Wetland Reserve opens in England.

Tuesday, November 5, 1940

United States presidential election, 1940: Democrat incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt defeats Republican challenger Wendell Willkie and becomes the United States' first and only third-term president.

Tuesday, November 5, 1935

Parker Brothers releases the board game "Monopoly".

Sunday, November 5, 1933

Spanish Basques vote for autonomy.

Thursday, November 5, 1914

The United Kingdom annexes Cyprus, and together with France declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

Wednesday, November 5, 1913

The insane King Otto of Bavaria is deposed by his cousin, Prince Regent Ludwig, who assumes the title Ludwig III.

Sunday, November 5, 1911

December ndash Delhi Durbar held to mark the coronation of King George V of the United Kingdom and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India and the transfer of the capital of the British Raj from Calcutta to Delhi.
Italy annexes Tripoli and Cyrenaica (this act is confirmed by an act of the Italian Parliament on February 25, 1912).

Tuesday, November 5, 1895

George B. Selden is granted the first U.S. patent for an automobile.

Sunday, November 5, 1871

Wickenburg massacre: six men travelling by stagecoach are reportedly murdered by the Yavapai Indians.

Tuesday, November 5, 1861

The first Melbourne Cup horse race is held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Sunday, November 5, 1854

Crimean War ndash Battle of Inkerman: The Russians are defeated.

Monday, November 5, 1838

The Central American Civil War begins with Honduras' separation from the Central American Federation.

Friday, November 5, 1824

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (the first technological university in the English-speaking world) is founded in Troy, New York.

Wednesday, November 5, 1817

Third Anglo-Maratha War breaks out with the Battle of Khadki.

Thursday, November 5, 1812

James Madison defeats DeWitt Clinton in the U.S. presidential election.

Monday, November 5, 1781

Henry Hurle officially founds the Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) in London, England.
December ndash A school is founded in Washington County, Pennsylvania that would later be known as Washington Jefferson College.
The slave ship "Zong" dumps its living cargo into the sea to claim insurance.

Saturday, November 5, 1757

Seven Years\' War ndash Battle of Rossbach: Frederick defeats the French-Imperial army under the Duc de Soubise and Prince Joseph of Saxe-Hildburghausen, forcing the French to withdraw from Saxony.

Tuesday, November 5, 1743

Coordinated scientific observations of the transit of Mercury are organized by Joseph-Nicolas Delisle.

Friday, November 5, 1734

The Dzików Confederation is created in Poland.

Thursday, November 5, 1705

The "Dublin Gazette" publishes its first edition.

Friday, November 5, 1688

The Glorious Revolution begins: William of Orange lands at Torbay in England with a multinational force of 15,000 mercenaries. He makes no claim to the English Crown, saying only that he has come to save Protestantism and to maintain English liberty, and begins a march on London.

Saturday, November 5, 1616

Bishop Lancelot Andrewes preaches the annual Gunpowder Treason sermon before King James I of England at Whitehall (both were intended victims).

Saturday, November 5, 1605

French Huguenot refugees settle in Dublin and Waterford.
Francis Bacon publicizes "Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane".
The first half of Miguel de Cervantes's landmark novel "Don Quixote" ("El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha" or The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha) mdash one of the earliest novels in the western literary tradition, is published and becomes Cervantes's first literary success.
Gunpowder Plot: A plot by to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is foiled when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, finds Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the Parliament building and orders a search of the area (records show 36 barrels of gunpowder were found, and Fawkes was arrested for trying to kill King James I of England and the members who were scheduled to sit together in Parliament the next day).
Crew of the "Olive" become the first British visitors to Barbados.
Tokugawa Ieyasu abdicates as shogun of Japan, becoming Ogosho. His son Tokugawa Hidetada succeeds him to the office.
Polish troops occupy Moscow.
Nova Scotia, Canada adopts Gregorian calendar.
The Priory of St. Gregory's is founded at Douai, Flanders, at this time in the Spanish Netherlands, by its first prior, Saint John Roberts, and other exiles, thus becoming the first English Benedictine house to renew conventual life after the Reformation. More than two centuries later the community will establish Downside Abbey back in England.
"De Nieuwe Tijdinghen", a Dutch proto-newspaper, is published.
Central Mexico's Amerindian population reaches one million.

Monday, October 26, 1562 (Julianian calendar)

In Scotland, the rebellion of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly is crushed by James Stewart, Earl of Moray at the Battle of Corrichie.

Monday, October 26, 1556 (Julianian calendar)

Second Battle of Panipat: Fifty miles north of Delhi, a Mogul Army defeats Hindu forces of General Hemu, to ensure Akbar the throne of India.
The first printing press in India is introduced by Jesuits at Saint Paul's College, Goa.
King John III of Sweden becomes ruler of Finland as Hertig Johan.
The false Martin Guerre appears in the French village of Artigat.
The kings of Spain take control of the Flanders region, including what is now the French département of Nord.
Welser banking families of Augsburg lose colonial control of Venezuela.
Ivan the Terrible conquers Astrakhan, opening the Volga River to Russian traffic and trade.
Mary I of England establishes the Fort of Maryborough, in what is now Portlaoise, County Laois, Ireland.

Wednesday, October 26, 1530 (Julianian calendar)

Charles V crowned by the Pope in Bologna.
Austrian forces capture Esztergom, Hungary, and raid as far as Buda.
The ducal palace of Celle is constructed in Germany.
St. Felix\'s Flood destroys the city of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands.
Paracelsus leaves Nürnberg.
Martin Afonso de Souza's expedition patrols the Brazilian coast, banishes the French, and creates the first colonial towns: São Vicente and São Paulo.
Erasmus publishes "A handbook on manners for children" ("De Civilitate Morum Puerilium Libellus"), which becomes popular and widely translated.
Humayun starts to rule.

Sunday, October 27, 1499 (Julianian calendar)

The "Catholicon" is published in Treguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary had been written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first dictionary of either French or Breton.

Tuesday, October 29, 1219 (Julianian calendar)

Saint Francis of Assisi introduces Catholicism into Egypt, during the Fifth Crusade.
Damietta, Egypt falls to the Crusaders after a siege.
The Egyptian city of Al Mansurah is founded.
The Hojo family, vassals of the Shogun, reduce him to a figurehead.
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