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Thursday, October 27, 2011

After an emergency meeting in Brussels, the European Union announced an agreement to tackle the European sovereign debt crisis which includes a writedown of 50% of Greek bonds, a recapitalisation of European banks and an increase of the bailout fund of the European Financial Stability Facility totaling to €1 trillion.ref name=BBCleaders
Reports indicate that European private banks have agreed to accept a 50% loss on Greek bonds, therefore removing the last apparent roadblock to a solution for the European sovereign debt crisis. //www.ajc.com/business/eu-official-banks-agree-1210215.html (AP via "Atlanta Journal-Constitution")
Date selected by the UN as the symbolic date when global population reaches seven billion.
UNESCO admitted Palestine as a member, following a vote in which 107 member states supported and 14 opposed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tutsi rebels under Laurent Nkunda are reportedly advancing on the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. //www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/LR497636.htm (Reuters)

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Sports: Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys passes Walter Payton as the NFL's leading rusher in a 17–14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks

Friday, October 27, 2000

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

EgyptAir Flight 990, travelling from New York City to Cairo, crashes off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, killing all 217 on board. When the pilot leaves the cockpit, the co-pilot causes the Boeing 767 to enter a steep dive, resulting in impact with the Atlantic Ocean.
Gunmen open fire in the Armenian Parliament, killing Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, Parliament Chairman Karen Demirchyan, and 6 other members.
Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran Church leaders sign the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, ending a centuries-old doctrinal dispute over the nature of faith and salvation.

Thursday, October 27, 1988

Ronald Reagan decides to tear down the new U.S. Embassy in Moscow because of Soviet listening devices in the building structure.

Wednesday, October 27, 1982

In Canada, Dominion Day is officially renamed Canada Day.

Tuesday, October 27, 1981

Soviet submarine S-363 runs aground outside the Karlskrona, Sweden military base.

Monday, October 27, 1980

Six Provisional Irish Republican Army prisoners in Maze prison refuse food and demand status as political prisoners the hunger strike lasts until December.
The Polish government recognizes Solidarity.
El Salvador and Honduras sign a peace treaty to put the border dispute fought over in 1969's Football War before the International Court of Justice.
November ndash Duration of the CESDAP plan extended indefinitely.
Reza Pahlavi, eldest son of the shah of Iran, proclaims himself the rightful successor to the Peacock Throne.

Saturday, October 27, 1979

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines gains independence from the United Kingdom.

Friday, October 27, 1978

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin win the Nobel Peace Prize for their progress toward achieving a Middle East accord.

Monday, October 27, 1975

Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) commits his first murder, that of Wilma McCann.
Juan Carlos I of Spain becomes acting Head of State after dictator Francisco Franco concedes that he is too ill to govern.
Robert Poulin kills 1 and wounds 5 at St. Pius X High School in Ottawa, Canada before shooting himself.
The first petroleum pipeline opens from Cruden Bay to Grangemouth, Scotland.
An independent audit of Mattel, one of the United States' largest toy manufacturers, reveals that company officials fabricated press releases and financial information to maintain the appearance of continued corporate growth.
The long-running television game show "The Price is Right" expands from 30 minutes to its current hour-long format on CBS.

Saturday, October 27, 1973

The Canon City meteorite!confirmed here, a 1.4 kilogram chondrite type meteorite, strikes Earth in Fremont County, Colorado.

Wednesday, October 27, 1971

The British House of Commons votes 356–244 in favour of joining the European Economic Community.
The United Kingdom becomes the 6th nation to launch a satellite into orbit, the Prospero X-3, using a Black Arrow carrier rocket.
The Egyptian Opera House (Khedivial Opera House) burns down in Cairo.

Thursday, October 27, 1966

The first ever regeneration in Doctor Who: William Hartnell's face morphs into that of Patrick Troughton.
The United Nations takes Namibia from South Africa.
The Guinean delegation to the OAU meeting in Ethiopia, become hostages of the Ghanaian government in Accra.

Tuesday, October 27, 1964

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rebel leader Christopher Gbenye takes 60 Americans and 800 Belgians hostage.

Sunday, October 27, 1957

Saturday, October 27, 1951

Farouk of Egypt declares himself king of Sudan, with no support.

Saturday, October 27, 1945

Getúlio Vargas resigns as the president of Brazil.
At Gimbels Department Store in New York City, the first ballpoint pens go on sale at $12.50 each.
Indonesian separatists riot and fight Dutch and British security forces.

Monday, October 27, 1930

ratifications exchanged in London on the first London Naval Treaty signed in April modifying the Washington Naval Treaty of 1925. Its arms limitation provisions go into effect immediately, hence putting more limits on the expensive naval arms race between its five signatories (the United Kingdom, the United States, the Japanese Empire, France, and Italy.)

Monday, October 27, 1924

U.S. presidential election, 1924: Republican Calvin Coolidge defeats Democrat John W. Davis and Progressive Robert M. LaFollette, Sr.
Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming is elected as the first woman governor in the United States.
The Uzbek SSR joins the Soviet Union.

Saturday, October 27, 1923

In Germany, General Hans von Seeckt orders the "Reichswehr" to dissolve the Social Democratic-Communist government of Saxony, which was refusing to accept the authority of the "Reich" government.
Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Kemal Atatürk is elected as the president.
After two days of fighting, the "Reichswehr" take control of Saxony.

Wednesday, October 27, 1920

The League of Nations moves its headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland.
United States presidential election, 1920: Republican Warren G. Harding defeats Democrat James M. Cox and Socialist Eugene V. Debs, in the first national U.S. election in which women have the right to vote.
In the United States, KDKA AM of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (owned by Westinghouse) starts broadcasting as a commercial radio station. The first broadcast is the results of the presidential election.

Friday, October 27, 1916

Battle of Segale: Negus Mikael of Wollo, marching on the Ethiopian capital in support of his son Emperor Iyasu, is defeated by Fitawrari Habte Giyorgis, securing the throne for Empress Zauditu.

Wednesday, October 27, 1915

Tuesday, October 27, 1914

World War I: The British super-dreadnought battleship HMS ''Audacious'' (23,400 tons), is sunk off Tory Island, north-west of Ireland, by a minefield laid by the armed German merchant-cruiser "Berlin".

Sunday, October 27, 1907

November ndash The new largest passenger liner "RMS Mauretania" makes its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York City.
Černová tragedy: Fifteen people are shot during the consecration of a Catholic church in Hungary.

Thursday, October 27, 1904

The first underground line of the New York City Subway opens.

Tuesday, October 27, 1891

An 8.0 earthquake strikes the village of Utsuzumi in rural Gifu, Japan, killing over 7,000 across the region and creating a 3-meter-tall surface fault that is still visible.

Sunday, October 27, 1867

Giuseppe Garibaldi's troops march into Rome.

Saturday, October 27, 1810

Tuesday, October 27, 1795

The United States and Spain sign the Treaty of Madrid, which establishes the boundaries between Spanish colonies and the U.S.

Saturday, October 27, 1787

The first of the "Federalist Papers", a series of essays calling for ratification of the U.S. Constitution, is published in a New York paper.

Wednesday, October 27, 1751

The Hōreki period begins in Japan.
Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus publishes his "Philosophia Botanica", the first textbook of descriptive systematic botanical taxonomy and the first appearance of his binomial nomenclature.
Adam Smith is appointed professor of logic at the University of Glasgow.
The "Encyclopédie" is first published.
Maria Theresa thaler minted it becomes an international currency.
1751ndash1775 ndash 13% of appointees to "audiencias" in the Spanish Empire are Creoles.

Friday, October 27, 1702

English troops plunder St. Augustine in Spanish Florida.

Wednesday, October 27, 1688

King James II of England dismisses minister Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland.

Tuesday, October 27, 1682

The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is founded by William Penn.

Friday, October 27, 1662

Charles II of England sells Dunkirk to France for £40,000 (or 2.5 million livres).

Thursday, October 27, 1605

Spanish troops of General Spinola occupy Wachtendonk.

Sunday, October 17, 1557 (Julianian calendar)

Welsh-born mathematician Robert Recorde publishes "The Whetstone of Witte" in London, containing the first recorded use of the equals sign and also the first use in English of plus and minus signs.
Emperor Ōgimachi accedes to the throne of Japan.
Özdemir Pasha conquers the Red Sea port of Massawa for the Ottoman Empire.
With the permission of the Ming Dynasty government of China and the benefit of both Western and Eastern merchants, the Portuguese settle in Macau (retroceded in 1999). Direct Sino-Portuguese trade had existed since 1513, but this is the first official legal treaty port on traditional Chinese soil that will form a long-term Western settlement. Soon after, China legalizes foreign trade, and Chinese began to migrate overseas.
Spain becomes bankrupt, throwing the German banking houses into chaos.
German adventurer Hans Staden publishes a widely-translated account of his detention by the Tupí people of Brazil, "Warhaftige Historia und beschreibung eyner Landtschafft der Wilden Nacketen, Grimmigen Menschfresser-Leuthen in der Newenwelt America gelegen" (True Story and Description of a Country of Wild, Naked, Grim, Man-eating People in the New World, America).
Brentwood School, Essex, by Sir Antony Browne.
Hton School, Hton, London, by Robert Hammond.
Cossack chieftain Dimitrash tries to take Azov.
The following schools are founded in England:

Tuesday, October 17, 1553 (Julianian calendar)

Inquisition burns Michael Servetus as a heretic in Geneva.

Sunday, October 20, 1275 (Julianian calendar)

In Ghent, first recorded instance of emission of life annuities by a town in the Low Countries, this event confirms a trend of consolidation of local public debt in north-western Europe initiated in 1218 by Rheims.
The Mongol Golden Horde raids Lithuania for the third time.
Floris V count of holland gave the city of Amsterdam independence of taxes.
Jean de Meun completes the Frenchallegorical work of fiction, "Roman de la Rose", with a second section the first section was written by Guillaume de Lorris in 1230.
The era of the "tosafot" (medieval commentators on the Talmud) ends (began 1100).
Ramon Llull establishes a school in Majorca to teach Arabic to preachers in an attempt to aid proselytizing to Moors. He also discovers diethyl ether.
Around Ciney, in present day Wallonia, start of the war of the cow (end in 1278).
The first main survey of the Hundred Rolls, an Englishcensus seen as a follow up to the Domesday Book completed in 1086, is finished it began in 1274.
The verge escapement, a simple type of escapement used in clocks, is invented (exact year unknown).

Thursday, October 24, 625 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Honorius I succeeds Pope Boniface V as the 70th pope.
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