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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Community of the People wins Greenland's parliamentary election. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8080434.stm (BBC)
China blocks access to such websites as Twitter, Flickr, and Hotmail, ahead of the anniversary of the massacre in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. //www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2009/06/02/china-blocks-links.html (CBC) //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8078538.stm (BBC)

Monday, June 2, 2008

A car bomb explodes outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing at least five.
A suicide bomber strikes outside the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital Islamabad with at least eight people dead. //edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/06/02/pakistan.blast/ (CNN)

Friday, June 2, 2006

The BBC shows a video about a new alleged massacre by US troops in Ishaqi, Iraq, on March 15, 2006. //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/5039714.stm (BBC)

Monday, June 2, 2003

President George W. Bush begins his Middle East trip today, beginning with Egypt. He is in talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. He promises to work for the goal of Israel and a Palestinian state being able to live side by side without any bloodshed.
In Zimbabwe, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is first arrested, then released. This coincides with the start of a week of protests against the government, who have put Tsvangirai on trial for treason. He is due to appear in court later today.
Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars. The European Space Agency's Mars Express probe launches from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2947018.stm

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

After decades of fighting off outside technological influences like television, the King of Bhutan allows television transmissions to commence in the Kingdom for the first time, coinciding with the King's Silver Jubilee (see Bhutan Broadcasting Service).

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

The CIH virus is discovered in Taiwan.

Monday, June 2, 1997

In Denver, Colorado, Timothy McVeigh is convicted on 15 counts of murder and conspiracy for his role in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Tuesday, June 2, 1992

In a national referendumDenmark rejects the Maastricht Treaty by a thin margin.

Friday, June 2, 1989

The Tiananmen Square massacre takes place in Beijing on the army's approach to the square, and the final stand-off in the square is covered live on television.
Fighting breaks out in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic between ethnic Uzbeks and the Turkish minority more than 100 people are dead by June 15.
Ufa train disaster: A natural gas explosion near Ufa, Russia kills 645 as 2 trains passing each other throw sparks near a leaky pipeline.
The Ayatollah Khomeini dies in Iran.
The SkyDome (now known as Rogers Centre) is opened in Toronto.
Solidarity's victory in Polish elections is the first of many anti-communist revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989.

Saturday, June 2, 1979

A blowout at the Ixtoc I oil well in the southern Gulf of Mexico causes at least 600,000 tons (176,400,000 gallons) of oil to be spilled into the waters, the worst oil spill to date. Some estimate the spill to be 428 million gallons, making it the largest unintentional oil spill until it was surpassed by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010.
Pope John Paul II arrives in his native Poland on his first official, nine-day stay, becoming the first Pope to visit a Communist country. This visit, known as nine days that changed the world, brought about the solidarity of the Polish peoples against communism, ultimately leading to the rise of the Solidarity movement.
Joe Clark becomes Canada's 16th and youngest Prime Minister.
General elections are held in Italy.
Flight LieutenantJerry Rawlings takes power in Ghana after a military coup in which GeneralFred Akuffo is overthrown.

Wednesday, June 2, 1976

A car bomb fatally injures Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles.

Friday, June 2, 1972

Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe, Holger Meins and some other members of Red Army Faction are arrested in Frankfurt am Main after a shootout.

Tuesday, June 2, 1970

Norway announces that it has rich oil deposits off its North Sea coast.

Wednesday, June 2, 1965

Vietnam War: The first contingent of Australian combat troops arrives in South Vietnam.

Monday, June 2, 1958

In San Simeon, California, Hearst Castle opens to the public for guided tours.

Tuesday, June 2, 1953

Thursday, June 2, 1949

Transjordan becomes the Kingdom of Jordan.

Sunday, June 2, 1946

In a referendum, Italians decide to turn Italy from a monarchy into a republic. Women vote for the first time.

Friday, June 2, 1944

WWII: The provisional French government is established.

Monday, June 2, 1924

U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signs the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 into law, granting citizenship to all Native Americans born within the territorial limits of the United States.

Monday, June 2, 1919

Several mail bombs are sent to prominent figures as part of the 1919 United States anarchist bombings.

Monday, June 2, 1902

The Anthracite Coal Strike begins in the United States.

Wednesday, June 2, 1897

Mark Twain, responding to rumors that he is dead, is ed by the "New York Journal" as saying, The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Wednesday, June 2, 1886

U.S. President Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom in the White House, becoming the only president to wed in the executive mansion. She is 27 years his junior.

Wednesday, June 2, 1869

Tuesday, June 2, 1868

June ndash Titokowaru\\\'s War breaks out in the South Taranaki District of New Zealand's North Island between the Ngāti Ruanui Māori tribe and the New Zealand Government.
The first Trades Union Congress is held in Manchester, England.
June ndash Titokowaru's War breaks out in the South Taranaki District of New Zealand's North Island between the Ngāti Ruanui Māori tribe and the New Zealand Government.

Saturday, June 2, 1866

Fenian forces skirmish with Canadian militia at Ridgeway and Fort Erie.

Friday, June 2, 1865

American Civil War: Confederate forces west of the Mississippi under General Edmund Kirby Smith surrender at Galveston, Texas, becoming the last to do so.

Wednesday, June 2, 1858

Donati's Comet, the first comet to be photographed, is discovered by Giovanni Battista Donati and remains visible for several months afterwards.

Monday, June 2, 1856

Battle of Black Jack: Antislavery forces, led by John Brown, defeat proslavery forces in Bleeding Kansas.

Wednesday, June 2, 1802

Indigenous AustralianPemulwuy, a leader of the resistance to European settlement of Australia, is shot dead by Henry Hacking.

Monday, June 2, 1800

Sunday, June 2, 1793

The Girondins are overthrown in France.

Friday, June 2, 1780

7 ndash Gordon Riots in London, Great Britain: The Duke of Richmond calls, in the House of Lords, for manhood suffrage and annual parliaments, which are rejected. About 285 people involved with the riots are shot dead by troops.

Thursday, June 2, 1774

Intolerable Acts: A new Quartering Act, requiring American colonists to provide better housing for British soldiers upon demand, is passed.

Thursday, June 2, 1763

Pontiac\\\'s Rebellion: At what is now Mackinaw City, Michigan, Chippewas capture Fort Michilimackinac by diverting the garrison's attention with a game of lacrosse, then chasing a ball into the fort.

Tuesday, June 2, 1739

Tuesday, June 2, 1722

Wapping, a male Negro slave owned by a Mr. Heale, is hanged for murder in the colony of Virginia.
July ndash Peter the Great's Persian caign begins.

Monday, June 2, 1625

Prince Frederick Henry is sworn in as the stadtholder of Holland and Zealand.

Tuesday, June 2, 1615

The first Récolletmissionaries arrive at Quebec City, from Rouen, France.

Monday, June 2, 1597

Tycho leaves Copenhagen and goes to Rostock.

Tuesday, May 23, 1559 (Julianian calendar)

A royal edict in France makes heresy punishable by death.

Wednesday, May 23, 1537 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Paul III publishes the encyclical "Sublimis Deus", which declares the natives of the New World to be rational beings with souls who must not be enslaved or robbed.

Friday, May 24, 1476 (Julianian calendar)

Battle of Morat: The Swiss again defeat Charles.

Wednesday, May 24, 1424 (Julianian calendar)

Saturday, May 25, 1387 (Julianian calendar)

John Holland, a maternal half-brother of Richard II of England, is created Earl of Huntingdon.

Sunday, May 25, 1365 (Julianian calendar)

October ndash Alexandrian Crusade: The city of Alexandria in Egypt is sacked by an allied force of Peter I of Cyprus and the knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
The University of Vienna is founded.
Adrianopole (now Edirne) becomes the capital city of the Ottoman Empire.
The Hungarian occupation of Vidin begins with the capture of the city by Louis I of Hungary's forces and the imprisonment of Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria
In present-day southern India, Bahmani Sultan Mohammed Shah I invades the Vijayanagara Empire.
The Sukhothai Kingdom in northern Thailand becomes a tributary state of the Ayutthaya Kingdom.
A revolt against the Venetian rulers in Crete fails.
Mpu Prapanca writes the epic poem "Nagarakretagama", about the Majapahit Empire in Java.

Tuesday, May 30, 657 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Eugene I dies and is subsequently canonized.

Friday, May 31, 575 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Benedict I succeeds Pope John III as the 62nd pope.
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