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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thailand's Election Commission fails to endorse 142 prospective members of the House of Representatives including incoming Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and outgoing Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. //www.bangkokpost.com/news/election/246778/leading-names-in-limbo ("Bangkok Post")

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A suicide bomber blows himself up next to a police patrol in Orūzgān Province of Afghanistan killing at least 18 people. //ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5i8dGftYb0s4XWdUMRdIVs3vh1CKAD91SS0BG0 (AP via Google News)

Friday, July 13, 2001

The International Olympic Committee session in Moscow, Russia. Beijing wins the bid as the host city for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
The FBI arrests Dmitry Sklyarov at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, for violating a provision of the DMCA.
Beijing wins the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

July 25 ndash Israel's prime minister Ehud Barak and PLO head Yasser Arafat meet at C David, but fail to reach an agreement.

Sunday, July 13, 1997

The remains of Che Guevara are returned to Cuba for burial, alongside some of his comrades.

Saturday, July 13, 1996

A Republican Sinn Féin bomb explodes outside of a hotel in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, disrupting a wedding reception and injuring 17 people.

Monday, July 13, 1992

Yitzhak Rabin becomes prime minister of Israel.
At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton accepts his party's presidential nomination on behalf of the forgotten middle class.
Ross Perot announces he is ending his presidential caign.

Friday, July 13, 1984

Terry Wallis, a nineteen-year old living in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas falls into a deep coma after a severe automobile accident. He would eventually awaken nineteen years later on June 13, 2003.

Wednesday, July 13, 1977

The New York City blackout of 1977 lasts for 25 hours, resulting in looting and other disorder.
Somalia declares war on Ethiopia, starting the Ethiopian-Somali War.

Friday, July 13, 1962

In what the press dubs the Night of the Long Knives, United Kingdom Prime MinisterHarold Macmillan dismisses 1/3 of his Cabinet.

Wednesday, July 13, 1960

The U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy is nominated for President of the United States at

Wednesday, July 13, 1955

Ruth Ellis (born 1926) is hanged for murder in London, becoming the last woman ever to be executed in the United Kingdom.

Sunday, July 13, 1952

East Germany announces the formation of its National People's Army.

Tuesday, July 13, 1948

The attempted assassination of Palmiro Togliatti, general secretary of the Italian Communist Party, incites numerous strikes all over the country.
The first London chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous is founded.
The Coptic and Ethiopian Churches reach an agreement leading to the promotion of the Ethiopian church to the rank of an autocephalous Patriarchate. Five bishops are immediately consecrated by the Patriarch of Alexandria, and the successor to Abuna Qerellos IV is granted the power to consecrate new bishops, who are empowered to elect a new Patriarch for their church.

Thursday, July 13, 1944

WWII: Vilnius is occupied by USSR.

Tuesday, July 13, 1943

WWII: The invasion of Sicily begins with British landings at Augusta on the island's eastern side and American landings to the south.

Monday, July 13, 1942

WWII: German U-Boats sink 3 more merchant ships in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Sunday, July 13, 1941

WWII: Montenegro starts the second popular uprising in Europe against the Axis Powers, the first being the so-called February strike against deportation of Jews in Amsterdam and surroundings on February 25, 1941.

Monday, July 13, 1936

14 ndash Peak of July 1936 heat wave: The U.S. states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana all set new state records for high temperature. At Mio in northern Michigan, it soars to 113°F (45°C).

Sunday, July 13, 1930

The first FIFA World Cup starts: Lucien Laurent scores the first goal, for France against Mexico.

Friday, July 13, 1923

The Hollywood Sign is inaugurated in California (originally reading "Hollywoodland").

Tuesday, July 13, 1920

London County Council bars foreigners from council jobs.

Saturday, July 13, 1918

The National Czechoslovak Committee is established.

Monday, July 13, 1914

Reports surface of a projected Serbian attack upon the Austro-Hungarian Legation at Belgrade.

Wednesday, July 13, 1892

United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property (UIBPIP or BIRPI).

Sunday, July 13, 1890

In Minnesota, storms result in the Sea Wing disaster on Lake Pepin killing 98.

Saturday, July 13, 1878

The Treaty of Berlin makes Serbia, Montenegro and Romania completely independent.

Thursday, July 13, 1876

The prosecution of Arthur Tooth, an Anglican clergyman, for using ritualist practices begins.

Wednesday, July 13, 1870

The "Ems Dispatch" serves as a reason for a war between Prussia and France.
Reconstruction Era of the United States: Georgia becomes the last former Confederate state to be readmitted to the Union, and the Confederate States of America is dissolved.
The British government admits the former Hudson\\'s Bay Company territory of Rupert\'s Land and the North-Western Territory to the Dominion of Canada.
The British government admits the former Hudson's Bay Company territory of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory to the Dominion of Canada.

Monday, July 13, 1863

American Civil War ndash (New York Draft Riots): In New York City, opponents of conscription begin 3 days of violent rioting, which would later be regarded as the worst in the history of the United States.

Saturday, July 13, 1861

American Civil War: The Battle of Corrick's Ford takes place in western Virginia.

Wednesday, July 13, 1842

The Tri-Kap fraternity is founded at Dartmouth College. It is the oldest local fraternity in the nation.

Thursday, July 13, 1837

Queen Victoria moves from Kensington Palace into Buckingham Palace, the first reigning British monarch to make this, rather than St James's Palace, her London home.ref name=Pocket On This Day

Wednesday, July 13, 1836

The first numbered (after filing 9,957 unnumbered patents) is granted, to John Ruggles for improvements to railroad steam locomotive tires.

Tuesday, July 13, 1830

The General Assembly's Institution, now the Scottish Church College, one of the pioneering institutions that ushered the Bengal Renaissance, is founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta, India.

Saturday, July 13, 1822

Monday, July 13, 1807

With the death of Henry Benedict Stuart, the last Stuart claimant to the throne of the United Kingdom, the movement of Jacobitism comes to an effective end.

Saturday, July 13, 1793

Charlotte Corday kills Jean-Paul Marat in his bath.

Monday, July 13, 1789

The people begin to seize arms for the defense of Paris.

Sunday, July 13, 1788

A hailstorm sweeps across France and the Dutch Republic with hailstones 'as big as quart bottles' that take 'three days to melt' immense damage is done.

Friday, July 13, 1787

The U.S. Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance establishing governing rules for the Northwest Territory. It also establishes procedures for the admission of new states and limits the expansion of slavery.

Saturday, July 13, 1771

Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774: Russian forces occupy the Crimea under Prince Vasily Dolgorukov.

Thursday, July 13, 1713

The Treaty of Portsmouth brings an end to Queen Anne's War.

Friday, July 13, 1657

Following his refusal to take the oath of allegiance to Oliver Cromwell, English army leader John Lambert is ordered to resign his commissions.ref name=british-civil-wars timelines/

Monday, July 13, 1643

First English Civil War ndash Battle of Roundway Down: In England, Lord Henry Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, commanding the Royalist forces, wins a crushing victory over the Parliamentarian Sir William Waller.

Friday, July 3, 1579 (Julianian calendar)

The municipality of Boac in Marinduque, Philippines is founded.
Karlovac is founded.
Akbar abolishes jizya.

Sunday, July 3, 1558 (Julianian calendar)

Battle of Gravelines: In France, Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeat the French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes at Gravelines.

Sunday, July 4, 1490 (Julianian calendar)

John of Kastav finishes a cycle of frescoes in the Holy Trinity Church in Hrastovlje (now southwestern Slovenia).

Thursday, July 4, 1465 (Julianian calendar)

Battle of Montlhéry: Troops of King Louis XI of France fight inconclusively against an army of the great nobles organized as the League of the Public Weal.

Saturday, July 8, 982 (Julianian calendar)

Yelu Longxu becomes the sixth emperor of the Liao Dynasty.
The Kalbids troops of the emir of Sicily defeat the imperial German army of Otto II near Crotone.
The Buyid ruler, \'Adud al-Dawla, establishes what was soon to become the most important hospital of Bagdad.
Source: Wikipedia