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Monday, November 15, 2010

Scientists exhume the remains of 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe in Prague to try to solve the mystery of his sudden death. //hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_CZECH_DANISH_ASTRONOMER?SITE=WVECSECTION=HOMETEMPLATE=DEFAULT (AP)//www.bbc.co.uk/news/11756077 (BBC)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mission STS-126 commences with the launch of Space Shuttle "Endeavour". The spacecraft will deliver equipment required to increase the crew capacity of the International Space Station from three to six members. //www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts126/index.html (NASA)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Powerful aftershocks hit Chile after the Antofagasta earthquake, as President Michelle Bachelet visits the affected areas. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7096648.stm (BBC)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Al Jazeera launches its English language news channel, "Al Jazeera English".
Al Jazeera establishes a 24-hour English language news channel Al Jazeera English, formerly Al Jazeera International, and started broadcasting today. //www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601102sid=a_RfwuP0x4JArefer=uk (Bloomberg)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

U.S. President George W. Bush makes a state visit to London in the midst of massive protests.
Former United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Robin Cook expresses puzzlement as to why George W. Bush should have been invited for a state visit to the UK. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3272951.stm Opinion polls suggest that 60% of the British people think President Bush is a threat to world peace. //www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=worldNewsstoryID=3828725
Two car bombs explode outside synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, at about 0700 UTC (1000 local time), killing at least 20 people and injuring another 250. A radical Islamist group, the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front, claims responsibility. //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/3272815.stm
Two car bombs explode simultaneously in Istanbul, Turkey, targeting 2 synagogues, killing at least 25 people and wounding more than 300 Al-Qaida claims responsibility.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Hu Jintao becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.
The Communist Party of China names former Secretary of the Secretariat Hu Jintao as its General Secretary, replacing Jiang Zemin. Jiang will remain President until spring 2003.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

A new Indian state called Jharkhand is formed, carving out the South Chhota Nagpur area from Bihar in India.
A new State called Jharkhand was formed carving out South Chhota Nagpur area from Bihar in India

Friday, November 15, 1996

State Street in Chicago is re-opened to pedestrian traffic.

Sunday, November 15, 1992

The Lithuanian parliamentary election sees the Communists of the Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania, led by Algirdas Brazauskas, return to power.

Thursday, November 15, 1990

"STS-38": Space Shuttle "Atlantis" is launched on a classified military mission.

Wednesday, November 15, 1989

Six Jesuit priests—among them Ignacio Ellacuría, Segundo Montes, and Ignacio Martín-Baró—their housekeeper, and her teenage daughter, are murdered by U.S. trainedSalvadoran soldiers. For more information see Murdered scholars of UCA
UNESCO adopts the Seville Statement on Violence at the 25th session of its General Conference.
South African President F.W. de Klerk announces the scrapping of the Separate Amenities Act.

Sunday, November 15, 1987

In Braşov, Romania, workers rebel against the communist regime led by Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Tuesday, November 15, 1983

The Turkish part of Cyprus declares independence.

Monday, November 15, 1976

The first megamouth shark is discovered off Oahu in Hawaii.

Saturday, November 15, 1975

Group of 6 (G-6) industrailized nations formed.

Monday, November 15, 1965

U.S. racer Craig Breedlove sets a new land speed record of .

Tuesday, November 15, 1960

A Polaris missile is test-launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sunday, November 15, 1959

The Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas is brutally murdered, inspiring Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood".

Thursday, November 15, 1956

Tuesday, November 15, 1949

Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte are executed for assassinating Mohandas Gandhi.

Monday, November 15, 1948

Louis Stephen St. Laurent becomes Canada's 12th prime minister.
The University of the Andes (Universidad de los Andes) is founded in Bogotá, Colombia.
"Operation Magic Carpet" to transport Jews from Yemen to Israel begins.

Friday, November 15, 1946

The Netherlands recognizes the Republic of Indonesia.

Thursday, November 15, 1945

Harry S. Truman, Clement Attlee, and Mackenzie King call for a U.N. Atomic Energy Commission.ref name=nuclearfiles1940/
Cold War: The United States controversially imports 88 German scientists to help in the production of rocket technology.
Yeshiva College is founded.
The motion picture "The Lost Weekend", starring Ray Milland, is released. The most realistic film portrayal of alcoholism up to that time, it wins several Oscars in the following year.

Monday, November 15, 1943

WWII: A Japanese submarine sinks the surfaced U.S. submarine "USS Corvina" near Truk.
WWII: After flying from Britain, 160 American bombers strike a hydro-electric power facility and heavy water factory in German-controlled Vemork, Norway.
Porajmos: GermanSS leader Heinrich Himmler orders that Gypsies and part-Gypsies be put on the same level as Jews and placed in concentration cs.

Sunday, November 15, 1942

The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal ends: Although the United States Navy suffers heavy losses, it retains control of Guadalcanal.
British forces capture Derna.
A BOAC scheduled passenger flight, a DC-3 with registration G-AGBB, (formerly KLM PH-ALI, Ibis), enroute between Lisbon and Bristol, is attacked over the Bay of Biscay by German fighters. Although damaged, it escapes and lands in England. Other attacks follow on the same aircraft and scheduled route: April 19 and June 1, 1943 (fatal).

Wednesday, November 15, 1939

In Washington, D.C., U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt lays the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial.

Thursday, November 15, 1923

Inflation in the Weimar Republic: Hyperinflation in Germany reaches its height. One United States dollar is worth 4,200,000,000,000 Papiermark (4.2 trillion on the short scale). Gustav Stresemann abolishes the old currency.

Wednesday, November 15, 1922

In the United Kingdom general election forced by the Conservatives' withdrawal from the coalition government, the Conservative Party wins an overall majority. (The 1922 Committee, popularly believed to take its name from this occasion, is not founded until the following year.)

Monday, November 15, 1920

In Geneva, the first assembly of the League of Nations is held.

Wednesday, November 15, 1899

The American Line's becomes the first ocean liner to report her imminent arrival by wireless telegraphy when Marconi's station at The Needles contacts her 66 nautical miles off the coast of England.

Wednesday, November 15, 1893

The FC Basel Club is founded.

Sunday, November 15, 1891

The Brazilian Old Republic Constitution was promulgated.

Friday, November 15, 1889

Field Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca organizes a military coup which deposes Emperor Pedro II of Brazil and abolishes the Brazilian monarchy.

Saturday, November 15, 1884

Porfirio Díaz returns as President of Mexico, an office he will hold until 1911.
American Old West: Near Frisco, New Mexico, deputy sheriff Elfego Baca holds off a gang of 80 Texan cowboys who want to kill him for arresting cowboy Charles McCarthy (the cowboys were terrorizing the area's Hispanos and Baca was working against them).
The Berlin Conference which regulates European colonisation and trade in Africa begins (ends February 26, 1885).

Friday, November 15, 1867

Former Minnesota farmer Oliver Hudson Kelley founds the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (better known today as The Grange).

Tuesday, November 15, 1864

American Civil War ndash Sherman's March to the Sea begins: Union General Sherman burns Atlanta and starts to move south, causing extensive devastation to crops and mills and living off the land.

Sunday, November 15, 1863

The death of King Frederick VII of Denmark and his succession by his distant cousin Christian IX marks the beginning of the Second Schleswig-Holstein crisis.

Tuesday, November 15, 1853

Maria II of Portugal is succeeded by her son Pedro.

Tuesday, November 15, 1808

Mahmud II (1808–1839) succeeds Mustafa IV (1807–1808) as sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Saturday, November 15, 1806

Pike expedition: During his second exploratory expedition, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike sees a distant mountain peak while near the Colorado foothills of the Rocky Mountains (later named Pikes Peak in his honor).

Saturday, November 15, 1777

American Revolution: After 16 months of debate, the Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation in the temporary American capital at York, Pennsylvania.

Sunday, November 15, 1705

The Battle of Zsibó - the Austrian-Danish forces defeated the Kurucs (Hungarians)
December ndash The Sophia Naturalization Act is passed by the English Parliament, which naturalizes Sophia of Hanover and the issue of her body as English subjects.

Monday, November 15, 1700

Louis XIV accepts the Spanish crown on behalf of his grandson Philip of Anjou, who becomes Philip V of Spain (to 1746), thus triggering the War of the Spanish Succession in 1701.

Thursday, November 15, 1635

A Japanese imperial memorandum decrees: Hereafter entry by the Portuguese galeota is forbidden. If they insist on coming, the ships must be destroyed and anyone aboard those ships must be beheaded.
Thomas Parr, dead at the alleged age of 152, is buried in Westminster Abbey.
Dominica is claimed by France.
The Ottomans are expelled from Yemen.
Boston Latin School, the oldest school in the United States of America, is founded in Boston, Massachusetts.
In the Mughal Empire, Shah Jahans Pearl Mosque at Lahore Fort is completed.
Guadeloupe and Martinique are colonized by France.
Willem and Joan Blaeu publish the first edition of their "Atlas Novus" in Amsterdam.
Nagyszombat University (predecessor of Budapest University) is established.

Thursday, November 5, 1573 (Julianian calendar)

The first Spanish galleon, laden with silver for the porcelain and silk trade with the Ming Dynasty of China, lands at Manila in the Philippines. This occasion marks the beginning of the Spanishsilver trade to China that will trump that of the Portuguese, the latter of whom acted as an intermediary between the silver mines of Japan and the luxury items in China to be purchased with that silver. Most of the silver entering China comes from what is now Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru in the New World.
Santa Fe, Argentina, is founded by Juan de Garay.
The Portuguese are expelled from the Maldives.
Turkish New Hammam (Török Fürdö) built in Çorum Province.
November ndash Alva resigns as Spanish Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief in the Netherlands, and is succeeded by Luis de Requesens, who attempts to pursue a more conciliatory policy.
Sarsa Dengel, emperor of Ethiopia, defeats the Oromo in a battle near Lake Zway.

Wednesday, November 5, 1533 (Julianian calendar)

Francisco Pizarro arrives in Cuzco, Peru.

Monday, November 5, 1515 (Julianian calendar)

Thomas Wolsey is invested as a Cardinal.

Thursday, November 7, 1325 (Julianian calendar)

Mansa Musa completes his pilgrimage to Mecca.
Ibn Battuta begins his travels.
Volodimir of Halych, last king of Rus (Halych-Volyn Rus) of Romanovichi dynasty, is removed from the throne by his boyars. End of 126 years of the Romanovichi rule in Halych-Volyn

Friday, November 7, 1315 (Julianian calendar)

Battle of Morgarten: The Swiss defeat Leopold of Austria, ensuring independence for the Swiss Confederation.
Flushing is granted city rights.
A Muslim prince of Nubian royal blood ascends the throne of Dongola as king (History of Sudan (Coming of Islam to the Turkiyah)).
Hōjō Mototoki becomes Kamakura shogun of Japan.
John XIII Glykys becomes Patriarch of Constantinople.
Witzlaw III, prince of Rügen, builds a castle at Barth.
The Arsenian schism ends.
The Kos Fortress is erected in Greece.
The Borough of Liverpool, along with Liverpool Castle, is granted to Robert de Holland.
Estimation: Cairo, capital of Mamluk Egypt becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Hangzhou in MongolianChina.
Dassel of Germany is granted city rights.
Emir Ismael Abu-I-Walid orders the Jews of Granada, Spain to don the yellow badge.

Saturday, November 9, 1028 (Julianian calendar)

Romanus Argyrus becomes Eastern Roman Emperor as Romanus III.

Thursday, November 12, 655 (Julianian calendar)

Constans II's fleet is defeated by the Abdullah bin Sa'ad bin Abi Sarh the Arab at Finike at the Battle of the Masts.
Arab armies conquer Khurasan.Roberts, J: History of the World.. Penguin, 1994.
Clovis II is succeeded by Clotaire III as king of the Franks.
Peada succeeds his father Penda as king of Mercia.
Northumbrian king Oswiu defeats Mercian king Penda in the Battle of Winwaed.
Empress Saimei ascends to the throne of Japan.
Source: Wikipedia