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Thursday, November 6, 2008

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan is crowned, having ascended to the throne in 2006.
According to officials, an explosion kills at least 11 people aboard a minibus in the North Caucasus city of Vladikavkaz, Russia. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7713261.stm (BBC News)
Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is coronated as the fifth King of Bhutan, replacing his father Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who abdicated his power, making him the world's youngest monarch. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7712301.stm (BBC News)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A suicide bomber kills at least 50 people in Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan, including 6 members of the National Assembly.
At least 35 people are killed and dozens more wounded in a suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan, officials say. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7081012.stm (BBC)

Thursday, November 6, 2003

SCO v. IBM: Lawyers representing SCO Group in intellectual property litigation stand to benefit significantly if the company settles lawsuits or is sold. //news.com.com/2100-7344_3-5103505.html
In Seattle, Washington, the text of Gary Ridgway's (Green River Killer) confession is released. //www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/wire/sns-ap-green-river-confession,0,1151481.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines
The Marines will be returning. //www.msnbc.com/news/989536.asp?0cv=CA01
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unveils a troop replacement plan for Iraq. Overall number of American soldiers in the country will decrease next year, if security conditions permit. //www.voanews.com/article.cfm?objectID=57E49DAC-5923-417A-9106A6CD4D55842Ctitle=Rumsfeld%20Unveils%20Iraq%20Troop%20Replacement%20Plan

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Anti-Semitism: With approval of official state censors, Egyptian television broadcast the first episode of a miniseries, "Horseman Without a Horse", based upon the debunked "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". It airs at the hour that Egyptian families gather together to break their fast during the fasting month of Ramadan.
The U.S. Federal Reserve System drops its primary discount rate by 50 basis points to 0.75%, putting the real interest rate solidly below the inflation rate.
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors lowers its overnight bank-lending rate to 1.25 percent, and this bigger-than-expected rate cut signals there may be more weakness in the economy than the market expected. The Fed indicated in its statements accompanying the rate cut that concern about a war with Iraq and the thread of terrorism may be slowing consumer and business spending.

Saturday, November 6, 1999

Australians defeat a referendum proposing the replacement of The Queen and The Governor General with a President to make Australia a republic.

Sunday, November 6, 1994

A flood in Piedmont, Italy, kills dozens of people.

Tuesday, November 6, 1990

Nawaz Sharif is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Monday, November 6, 1989

CKO (a Canadian national all-news radio network) suddenly terminates all broadcasting during the newscast at noon (Eastern time), due to financial losses (the station began broadcasting on July 1, 1977).
Yıldırım Akbulut, of ANAP forms the new government of Turkey (47th government).
Douglas Wilder wins the Virginia governor's race, becoming the first elected African American governor in the United States.
Cold War: Günter Schabowski accidentally states in live broadcast press conference that new rules for traveling from East Germany to West Germany will be put in effect immediately. East Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall, allowing its citizens to travel freely to West Germany for the first time in decades (November 17 celebrates Germans began tearing the wall down).
After 45 years of Communist rule in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Communist Party leader Todor Zhivkov is replaced by Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov, who changes the party's name to the Bulgarian Socialist Party.
Cold War: The Communist government of East Germany resigns, although SED leader Egon Krenz remains head of state.
David Dinkins becomes the first African American mayor of New York City.
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) founded.
Gaby Kennard becomes the first Australian woman to fly non-stop around the world.

Thursday, November 6, 1986

Sumburgh disaster: A British International HelicoptersBoeing 234LR Chinook crashes 2.5 miles east of Sumburgh Airport, killing 45 people (the deadliest civilian helicopter crash on record).

Tuesday, November 6, 1984

United States presidential election, 1984: Ronald Reagan defeats Walter F. Mondale with 59% of the popular vote, the highest since Richard Nixon's 61% victory in 1972. Reagan carries 49 states in the electoral college Mondale wins only his home state of Minnesota by a mere 3,761 vote margin and the District of Columbia.

Saturday, November 6, 1982

Camerun president Ahmadou Ahidjo resigns, replaced by Paul Biya.

Tuesday, November 6, 1979

At Montevideo, Uruguay, the International Olympic Committee adopts a resolution, whereby Taiwan Olympic and sports teams will participate with the name Chinese Taipei in future Olympics Games and international sports tournaments and chionships.

Sunday, November 6, 1977

San Francisco elects City Supervisor Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official of any large city in the U.S.
The Kelly Barnes Dam, located above Toccoa Falls Bible College near Toccoa, Georgia fails, killing 39.

Thursday, November 6, 1975

The Green March begins: 300,000 unarmed Moroccans converge on the southern city of Tarfaya and wait for a signal from King Hassan II of Morocco to cross into Western Sahara.

Saturday, November 6, 1971

Operation Grommet: The U.S. tests a thermonuclear warhead at Amchitka Island in Alaska, code-named Project Cannikin. At around 5 megatons, it is the largest ever U.S. underground detonation.

Monday, November 6, 1967

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
The 50th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution is celebrated in the Soviet Union.
The Rhodesian parliament passes pro-Apartheid laws.
Carl B. Stokes is elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, becoming the first African American mayor of a major United States city.

Sunday, November 6, 1966

Lunar Orbiter 2 is launched.
Former Massachusetts Attorney General Edward Brooke becomes the first African American elected to the United States Senate since Reconstruction.
Actor Ronald Reagan, is elected Governor of California.

Saturday, November 6, 1965

Freedom Flights begin: Cuba and the United States formally agree to start an airlift for Cubans who want to go to the United States (by 1971 250,000 Cubans take advantage of this program).

Tuesday, November 6, 1962

Apartheid: The United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution condemning South Africa's racist apartheid policies, and calls for all UN member states to cease military and economic relations with the nation.

Monday, November 6, 1961

The U.S. government issues a st honoring the 100th birthday of James Naismith.

Tuesday, November 6, 1956

United States presidential election, 1956: Republican incumbent Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats Democrat challenger Adlai E. Stevenson in a rematch of their contest 4 years earlier.

Thursday, November 6, 1947

The program "Meet the Press" makes its television debut on the NBC-TV network in the United States.

Thursday, November 6, 1941

WWII: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin addresses the Soviet Union for only the second time during his three-decade rule (the first time was earlier that year on July 2). He states that even though 350,000 troops have been killed in German attacks so far, that the Germans have lost 4.5 million soldiers (a gross exaggeration) and that Soviet victory is near.

Wednesday, November 6, 1940

Agatha Christie's mystery novel "And Then There Were None" is published in book form in the United States.

Saturday, November 6, 1937

Friday, November 6, 1925

Secret agentSidney Reilly is executed by the OGPU, the secret police of the Soviet Union.

Wednesday, November 6, 1918

A new Polish government is proclaimed in Lublin.

Thursday, November 6, 1913

Mohandas Gandhi is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa.

Tuesday, November 6, 1900

Tuesday, November 6, 1894

Major Republican landslide in the United States House of Representatives elections, 1894, which set the stage for the decisive Election of 1896.

Tuesday, November 6, 1888

U.S. presidential election, 1888: United States Democratic Party incumbent Grover Cleveland wins the popular vote, but loses the Electoral College vote to Republican challenger Benjamin Harrison, therefore losing the election.

Thursday, November 6, 1873

The HalifaxRugby league Club is founded.

Saturday, November 6, 1869

The first game of American Football between two American colleges is played. Rutgers University defeats Princeton University 6–4 in a forerunner to American football and College football.

Monday, November 6, 1865

November 6 ndash American Civil War. Surrender to the British at Liverpool of the commerce raider CSS Shenandoah (Captain James Waddell), last significant organized Confederate unit.

Wednesday, November 6, 1861

American Civil War: Jefferson Davis is elected president of the Confederate States of America.

Tuesday, November 6, 1860

Wednesday, November 6, 1844

The Dominican Republic drafts its first Constitution.

Wednesday, November 6, 1816

Sunday, November 6, 1796

O.S.) ndash Catherine II of Russia (called "Catherine The Great") dies and is succeeded by her son Paul I of Russia. His wife Sophie Marie Dorothea of Württemberg becomes Empress consort.

Friday, November 6, 1789

Pope Pius VI appoints John Carroll the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States.

Tuesday, November 6, 1657

Brandenburg and Poland sign the Treaty of Bromberg.

Friday, November 6, 1626

(O.S.) The ship "Arms of Amsterdam" arrives in Europe from New Netherland (left September 23) with the news: They have purchased the Island Manhattes "Manhattan" from the Indians for the value of 60 guilders. (from P. Schagen letter dated November 7).

Sunday, November 6, 1616

Captain William Murray is granted a royal patent, giving him the sole privilege of importing tobacco to Scotland for a period of 21 years. Continuing from the reign of Elizabeth I of England, the creation of grants and patents reaches a new highwater mark from 1614 to 1621, during the reign of James I of England.
November 25 ndash The famous, if still inaccurate, folio edition of Ben Jonson's "Workes" is published."'Bland, M."' ‘William Stansby and the production of the "Workes of Beniamin Jonson", 1615–16’, The Library, 20, 1998, 10.

Tuesday, October 27, 1528 (Julianian calendar)

Michelangelo Buonarroti begins work on the fortifications of Florence.
Montenegro gains autonomy under Turkish power.
Ipswich School was founded in its current form by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey from older (dating back to 1299) institutions in the town.
Spanish conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and his companions become the first known Europeans to set foot on the shores of what is present-day Texas.
Spain takes direct control of Acapulco.
Paracelsus leaves Basle.
The fourth major outbreak of the sweating sickness occurs in England. This time the disease also spreads to northern Europe.
Chateau Fontainebleau in France is begun.
Bubonic plague breaks out in England.
The Maya peoples drive Spanish Conquistadores out of Yucatán.
In Henan province of China, during the mid Ming Dynasty, a vast drought deprives the region of harvests for the next two years, killing off half the people in some communities due to starvation and cannibalism, as reported by local gazeteers.
February - Paracelsus visits Colmar in Alsace.

Friday, October 30, 1153 (Julianian calendar)

Confronted with important financial difficulty due to the expenses of its Spanish crusade, the Republic of Genoa has to sell the city of Tortosa to the count of Barcelona, which had been conquered in 1148 during that same crusade.ref name=genoese crusade
Estimation: Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Merv in the Seljuk Empire.//geography.about.com/library/weekly/aa011201a.htm Geography at about.com
The city of Oberglatt (present-day Switzerland) is first mentioned in written literature.
The Treaty of Walingford, under the direction of Theobald of Bec, reconciles Stephen of England and Matilda, ending The Anarchy which had occurred during their fight for the throne of England. The treaty grants the throne to Stephen for the duration of his life, but makes Matilda's son, Henry of Anjou, the heir apparent."King John" by Warren. Published by University of California Press in 1961. p. 21

Tuesday, November 1, 914 (Julianian calendar)

Al-Qaim enters in Alexandria with the rest of his army.ref name=Halm /
December ndash the Fatimid army leaves Alexandria under Husaba, followed from afar by Al-Qaim. The Abbassid troops hold to Fustat and Berber cavalry suffers heavy loses to the Turkish archers.ref name=Halm /

Friday, November 4, 516 (Julianian calendar)

The Council of Tarragona (modern Spain) is held.

Sunday, November 5, 355 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Liberius refuses to sign a condemnation of Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria, imposed at Milan by Constantius II. Liberius is exiled to Beroea (Greece) and replaced by Felix II. He becomes an antipope and bishop of Rome.
The Lentienses, a Germanic tribe, are fined by the Roman commander Arbetio under Constantius II for several incursions against the Roman Empire.
Emperor Constantius II raises in Mediolanum (Italy), his cousin Julian the Apostate to the rank of "Caesar". He takes command of the western provinces and marries Constantius' sister, Helena.
The Huns of Central Asia begin their great drive westwards with an advance into Scythia (modern Russia). They overcome and absorb the Alans, a nomadic and warlike horse breeding people from the steppes northeast of the Black Sea.
The Franks besiege Cologne for ten months.
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