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Friday, July 27, 2012

August 12 ndash The 2012 Summer Olympics are held in London, United Kingdom.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The United States Congress provides funding for a troop increase for the War in Afghanistan. //www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE66O1G220100728 (Reuters)
The Afghan War Diary claim that Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) orchestrated the suicide attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul in 2008, which left 40 dead. //english.samaylive.com/world/676469784.html (samaylive).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church begins a visit to Ukraine. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8169849.stm (BBC)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

At least 16 people are killed and over 150 wounded in two blasts in Istanbul. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7527977.stm (BBC News) //www.nytimes.com/2008/07/28/world/europe/28turkey.html ("The New York Times")
At least 17 are killed and over 154 wounded in 2 blasts in Istanbul.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The European Commission accuses Intel Corporation of anti-competitive practices against Advanced Micro Devices. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6918975.stm (BBC)

Sunday, July 27, 2003

A group of approximately 50 rogue soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines seizes a portion of a shopping mall and the adjacent hotel in Makati City, Metro Manila in the Philippines demanding President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's resignation. They claim to have surrounded the occupied zones with explosives and have temporarily held several people in the hotel, including Australian Ambassador Ruth Pierce. The group is said by some officials to be connected to ousted President Joseph Estrada and oppositionist Senator Gregorio Honasan, who staged several coup attempts in the late 1980s. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3099797.stm//ruby.inq7.net/specialfeatures/coup/whats/?offset=0
The BBC reports that an extensive investigation of Loch Ness by a BBC team, using 600 separate sonar beams, found no trace of any sea monster in the loch. Loch Ness is a popular tourist attraction because of the rumors surrounding an alleged monster or plesiosaur populating the lake (see Loch Ness Monster). The BBC team stated that it is now conclusively proven that Nessie does not exist. //news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3096839.stm

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Ukraine airshow disaster: A Sukhoi Su-27 fighter plane crashes into a crowd at an airshow in Lviv in Ukraine, killing at least 78 people and injuring many more.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Twenty-one people die in a canyoning disaster near Interlaken, Switzerland.

Sunday, July 27, 1997

About 50 are killed in the Si Zerrouk massacre in Algeria.

Saturday, July 27, 1996

The Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics kills 1 and injures 111.

Tuesday, July 27, 1993

Windows NT 3.1, the first version of Microsoft's line of Windows NT operating systems, is released to manufacturing.

Saturday, July 27, 1991

An oil spin begins fouling beaches in Olympic National Park.

Sunday, July 27, 1986

Sunday, July 27, 1980

Vanuatu gains independence.
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, deposed Shah of Iran, dies in Cairo.

Tuesday, July 27, 1965

Edward Heath becomes Leader of the British Conservative Party.

Monday, July 27, 1964

Vietnam War: The U.S. sends 5,000 more military advisers to South Vietnam, bringing the total number of United States forces in Vietnam to 21,000.

Wednesday, July 27, 1955

El Al Flight 402 from Vienna, Austria to Tel Aviv-Yafo via Istanbul is shot down over Bulgaria. All 58 passengers and crewmen aboard the Lockheed Constellation airplane are killed.

Monday, July 27, 1953

The Korean War ends: United Nations Command (Korea) (United States), People's Republic of China, North Korea sign an armistice agreement at Panmunjom and the north remains communist while the south remains capitalist.
The Korean War ends: United Nations Command (Korea) (United States), People\\\\\'s Republic of China, North Korea sign an armistice agreement at Panmunjom and the north remains communist while the south remains capitalist.

Wednesday, July 27, 1949

The de Havilland Comet, the Worlds First Jet-Powered Airliner, makes its first flight.

Saturday, July 27, 1940

Bugs Bunny makes his debut in the Oscar-nominated cartoon short, "A Wild Hare".

Thursday, July 27, 1939

The first recorded snowfall in Auckland, New Zealand since records began in 1853.

Sunday, July 27, 1919

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919 begins when a white man threw rocks at a group of 4 black teens on a raft.

Monday, July 27, 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and its army bombards Belgrade.
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia orders a partial mobilization against Austria-Hungary.
Brother Felix Ysagun Manalo registered the "Iglesia ni Cristo" (Church of Christ) with the government of the Philippine islands.

Sunday, July 27, 1913

Town Foundation of San Javier, Rio Negro, Uruguay.

Monday, July 27, 1896

A causeway is opened between the islands of Saaremaa and Muhu in Estonia.

Friday, July 27, 1888

The British Parliament passes an act that permits bicycles on the road, on condition that they are equipped with a bell that should be rung while on the carriageway. The law is eventually abolished in 1930.

Monday, July 27, 1868

The United States "//home.earthlink.net/~walterk1/Patr/US/ExpatriationAct.html Expatriation Act" ("An Act concerning the Rights of American Citizens in foreign States") is adopted.

Friday, July 27, 1866

The Atlantic Cable is successfully completed, allowing transatlantic telegraph communication for the first time.

Thursday, July 27, 1865

Welsh settlers arrive in Argentina at Chubut Valley.

Wednesday, July 27, 1836

Adelaide, South Australia, is founded.

Tuesday, July 27, 1830

France: The July Revolution begins (see also 1830 in France).

Saturday, July 27, 1822

Guayaquil Conference: Simón Bolívar and GeneralJosé de San Martín meet in Guayaquil, which Bolívar later annexes.

Friday, July 27, 1804

The Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ratified by Tennessee, removing doubt surrounding adoption.

Sunday, July 27, 1794

(9 Thermidor) ndash Maximilien Robespierre is arrested. Executed the next day.

Tuesday, July 27, 1790

The Convention of Reichenbach is signed between Prussia and Austria.

Monday, July 27, 1789

The first U.S. federal government agency under the new Constitution, the Department of Foreign Affairs (later renamed the Department of State), is established.

Friday, July 27, 1781

French spyFrancis Henry de la Motte is executed in Tyburn Prison in England for high treason.

Monday, July 27, 1778

American Revolutionary War ndash First Battle of Ushant: British and French fleets fight to a standoff.

Friday, July 27, 1759

Thursday, July 27, 1724

''Wild Peter'' of Hanover is captured near Helpensen in Hanover.

Friday, July 27, 1714

Battle of Gangut: The Russian Navy gains its first important victory.

Saturday, July 27, 1709

Emperor Nakamikado accedes to the throne of Japan.

Tuesday, July 27, 1694

The Bank of England is founded through Royal charter by the Whig-dominated Parliament of England following a proposal by the Scottish merchant William Paterson to raise capital by offering safe and steady returns of interest guaranteed by future taxes. A total of £1.2 million is raised for the war effort against Louis XIV by the end of the year to establish the first-ever government debt.

Wednesday, July 27, 1689

First Jacobite rising: Scottish Covenanter supporters of William and Mary (under Hugh Mackay) are defeated by Jacobite supporters of James II at the Battle of Killiecrankie near Pitlochry in Perthshire but the latter's leader, John Graham, Viscount Dundee, is killed.

Monday, July 27, 1676

Nearly 200 Nipmuck tribesmen surrender to the English colonists in Boston.

Friday, July 27, 1663

The English Parliament passes the second Navigation Act, requiring that all goods bound for the American colonies have to be sent in English ships from English ports.

Tuesday, July 27, 1627

An earthquake destroys the cities of San Severo and Torremaggiore in southern Italy.
September ndash The Siege of La Rochelle begins.

Wednesday, July 17, 1549 (Julianian calendar)

Francis Xavier arrives in Japan.

Saturday, July 17, 1501 (Julianian calendar)

Copernicus is formally installed as canon of Frauenberg Cathedral.

Sunday, July 18, 1417 (Julianian calendar)

Avignon Pope Benedict XIII is deposed, bringing to an end the Great Western Schism.

Thursday, July 19, 1380 (Julianian calendar)

Monday, July 19, 1361 (Julianian calendar)

Battle of Visby: King Valdemar IV of Denmark defeats a peasant army.

Thursday, July 19, 1302 (Julianian calendar)

The Ottoman Turks defeat the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Bapheus, heralding the Turkish conquest of Bithynia.

Sunday, July 20, 1214 (Julianian calendar)

Upon the death of their father, King Alfonso VIII of Castile, in September and of their mother, Eleanor Plantagenet, Bernguela becomes the regent of her young brother, king Henry I.ref name=linehan1999
Battle of Bouvines: In France, Philip II of France defeats John of England.
King Alfonso VIII of Castile, besieges the Almohad troops in Baeza. The famine experienced in the peninsula is such that neither army is able to fight.
The German city of Bielefeld is founded.
The Roman CatholicRosary was unveiled to Saint Dominic by the Virgin Mary.

Saturday, July 20, 1202 (Julianian calendar)

Georgians defeat the Seljuqids of Rüm at the Battle of Basian.

Friday, July 20, 1128 (Julianian calendar)

King Louis VI of France agrees to the accession of Thierry of Alsace as Count of Flanders.
Holyrood Abbey is founded in Edinburgh by David I, King of Scotland.
Pope Honorius II recognizes and confirms the Order of the Knights Templar. Bernard of Clairvaux codifies the rule of the order.ref name=Fletcher Reconquista
The city of Bruges is founded.

Thursday, July 21, 1054 (Julianian calendar)

Siward, Earl of Northumbria invades Scotland to support Malcolm Canmore against Macbeth, who usurped the Scottish throne from Malcolm's father, King Duncan. Macbeth is defeated at Dunsinane.
East-West Schism in the Christian church, where the churches got separated and became the Catholic and the Orthodox christian churches.
Lý Nhật Tôn, third king of the Lý Dynasty, begins to rule in Vietnam and changes the country's official name to Đại Việt.

Tuesday, July 26, 432 (Julianian calendar)

Pope Celestine I dies after a 10-year reign in which he led a vigorous policy against Nestorianism. He is succeeded by Sixtus III as the 44th pope.
Saint Patrick, Scottish-born missionary, is consecrated a bishop and converts the Irish to Christianity until his death around 460.
Source: Wikipedia