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Monday, January 10. 2000, 12:00:00 AM UTC

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Monday, January 10, 2000

America Online announces an agreement to purchase Time Warner for $162 billion (the largest-ever corporate merger).
The trawler "Solway Harvester" sinks off the Isle of Man.//news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/603558.stm BBC News | SCOTLAND | Solway Harvester: A tale of tragedy. Retrieved 19 November 2007.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at 11,722.98 (at the peak of the Dot-com bubble).
America On-line announces an agreement to buy Time Warner for $162 billion. This is the largest-ever corporate merger.
A United Nations tribunal sentences 5 Bosnian Croats to up to 25 years in prison for the 1993 killing of over 100 Bosnian Muslims in a Bosnian village.//edition.cnn.com/2000/WORLD/europe/03/03/war.crimes.bosnia.02 CNN.com ndash World ndash War crimes tribunal hands Croat general lengthy sentence ndash March 3, 2000. Retrieved 19 November 2007.
The armed wing of the Islamic Salvation Front concludes its negotiations with the government for an amnesty and disbands in Algeria (see Algerian Civil War#GIA destroyed, GSPC discontinues)
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